Presenting the identity of the Dutch Heart Foundation in a powerful way was one of the core objectives of the new site. Not everyone is familiar with their work and the image of white lab coats sometimes looms large. 

We brought the identity of the foundation to the fore front and built everything else around it. In a short period of time a site came into being that is warm, modern, dynamic and clear. Much like the Hartstichting itself.

Role: Designer
Agency: Mangrove
Client: Dutch Heart Foundation
Recognition: Awarded Most Popular Website of the Year 2015 in the Charity category.

The connections
The Dutch Heart Foundation has a central position in society. That became an important starting point. Collectors, volunteers, donors, care professionals, scientists, patients and their families... On the old site they were all approached separately; here we bring them all together, gathered around the work of the foundation.
Clear on content and form
The Dutch Heart Foundation has an important role to fulfill in terms of providing information. People come to the site to obtain clear information, and that’s what they get. Short and snappy lists of facts and figures are only part of the info the site provides. Clear icons, pleasant fonts, good color contrasts and a logical layout of the site all contribute to the site being easy to oversee with clear signposting. The site is fully responsive on large screens as well as on small screens.
Daan Zeelt, project leader on the part of the Dutch Heart Foundation: “ is the central focal point for our clients online. This is where you can take your questions about everything related to the heart and where you can be persuaded of the importance of the work of the Hartstichting. That persuasion is what makes people prepared to contribute, in whatever way they choose. And this is what we have achieved together with Mangrove.”
“Interactive, user friendly and conversion-oriented: Mangrove has delivered a great product in a very short period of time.”
— Daan Zeelt, Marketing Manager Harstichting
“The expertise, passion and hands-on mentality of Mangrove have proven to us that Mangrove is the best partner for Hartstichting to continue its development. The Hartstichting is grateful to the agency for its excellent work and we look forward to our continued partnership.”